I haven’t experimented yet with the CYG hosel or any other shafts yet. I have always played irons for years but something about the driver causes me to change them out much more frequently. I play the standard 4DX, not Evolver. Not just tried mind you, but played for months. The current re-incarnation of their brand name is a revival by Dick’s Sporting Goods of their hybrids 6DX , and clubs I don’t believe they ever had before, irons and putters.

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Posted 18 February – I thought I decided on the Rapture from Ping, but I had not thought to try this one.

I would recommen d it for the money Posted April 5, Oh well, we’ll try again today and tomorrow. Welcome to The Sand Trap.

The Nickent 4DX Evolver will be the ultimate driver when it comes to customization it will have a hosel that features 26 different options to adjust face angle, lie angle and loft. Posted April 18, nickkent The r9 adjustment wrench is like that and it’s a nice safety feature so that you dont overtighten or break anything.

May try and source a couple of extra shafts to play nickemt with it a bit. Replaced my Nickent 3dx hhbrid which I sometimes popped up.


Nice classic shape,long as anything else I’ve hit and forgiving. I have a 9 degree head, and I am assuming that these tables on the Adiust website are for a And the results were longer tee shots.

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver Review

Does anybody know if this is an impact wrench addjust. Steve Fox November 19, – 6: Although I only got the one shaft with the driver and because of my height 6’5″, I’m definitely interested in trying the Evolver with some other shafts with longer lengths. Getting replacement parts or shafts will be very difficult.

Every time I hit it, it is always dead straight, never off line. Next up was a 4 handicap that hits the ball so far it should be illegal.

I’ve forgotten my password. Kelly Milligan November 19, – 7: When a club works why would I want to tinker with it was my thought, and apparently the other equipment companies thought the same thing. I want to add one thing that never seems to come up when reviewing clubs. I play the standard 4DX, not Evolver. Posted May ncikent, The head cover is solid on this driver.

Still getting used to niceknt a bit and playing with the settings, but when hit – this thing is a rocket! I am playing a but have been looking for something now.


I guess that makes some sense since the Allen has 6 sides. Although i can’t confirm, i’d imagine it would be pretty easy for a clubfitter to remove the CYG hosel from a shaft and put it on another if you needed it’s a standard. To the right it reduces the loft by one degree and to the left it adds one degree of loft. This thing could be right up my alley.

Nickent Golf- 4DX Evolver Driver – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

One question, the club came with the wrench for shaft removal. So if the website will work for any loft – do I work from the 9degree points in the tables and then work around from there? The head is the same either way, but some shafts come with the CYG hosel it looks green and has some markings on the side so you know what angle.