This was the absolute closest I could get. For years AMD has been branded as nothing more than another follower, always looking to Intel for direction. Hammer was a big step in new directions that really set the Athlon 64 apart from its predecessors and competitors. Out of curiosity, I tried that option and was dumped to an unknown speed that was slower than DDR Click “Add” to insert your video.

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After setting boot priority I began the very familiar and dull task of installing Windows XP.

Once again, the delta is negligible with the AM2 just slightly ahead. Mobile versions have reduced power consumption [ citation needed ] with adaptive power management features PowerPlay. The first one is the RS which is the basic chipset and implemented now as G.

The northbridge has a TDP of The FX is the only chip still set to operate at 1. It is only a matter of time until we begin to see IDE phased out completely. For some OEMs including Dell and Acerthe M series chipset was going to replace the Radeon Xpress codenamed RSM on the mobile platform, and desktop variants of the chipset were announced in February The max point reward for answering a question is For chipsef of the configurations, T timings were used and the memory was kept at exactly MHz.


The large passive cooling system and extra regulation circuitry probably made this positioning a necessity. Raw CPU clock speed seems to make much more of a profound difference than memory timings in these tests.

Amd Hammer Ddr2 Imc Driver Download

We have seen countless examples of the Athlon being held back by platforms that are performing under par. Views Read Edit View history. ASUS has an optional leaf-blower type fan that can be snapped on to the fins for enhanced cooling.

The system took the lead by a very small margin in a few tests, and the AM2 took the lead in DivX compression. Since the reference clock frequency, the HTT bus and the CPU multipliers remain as-is, it was just like overclocking a chip.

AMD Socket AM2 Review « Icrontic

The manual did not provide any clear information. Five of the nine tests were well within the margin of error. Acer Crystal Eye Bison – 0. The copper cooling fins do get very toasty during extended periods of use but seem to cool well chispet. Helpful 1 Not Helpful Flag.

Much more likely dsr2 inefficiencies within the North Bridge and its memory controller which would add costly delays to the retrieval of data from memory. Is there any way to read it? Retrieved from ” https: Let’s go back to basics, and see what Northbridge chip is on your motherboard. Doom3 is a popular OpenGL based game with a built in time demo.


Integrated Memory Controller & North Bridge – AMD’s Hammer Architecture – Making Sense of it All

I simply wonder about the timeliness of the endeavour, which is traditionally not AMD’s strong suit. There have been quite a few changes to the K8 architecture over the last three years, but the underlying technology has remained fairly similar. HDCP support is limited to only one of those interfaces at any time.

Are you a Computer and Internet Expert? It certainly appears that AMD has perfected their 90nm process.

Northbridge: AMD Hammer DDR2 IMC – Computers & Internet

SuperPI is generally very dependant on high performance memory for the best scores. The last-generation RD chipset will still be the principal product for the enthusiast segment. Best of luck Hans.