When trying to execute a SilkTest test definition, SilkTest will not start on the execution server. How do I avoid the “Warning: Cannot connect to the database after upgrading to a newer version of SilkCentral Test Manager. Why does reassignment not override automatic routing and how to I resolve this? How can I access report data outside of Issue Manager? Assigning a manual test to testers in SilkCentral Test Manager Why does the test definition last execution time differ to that of its assigned execution definitions last execution time in SilkCentral TestManager?

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We are not using any of the predefined templates because I want to show you how easy it bit to create this report from scratch. Data source properties for the MySQL sample database: NextReports Suite offers three open source utilities that support report creation for a variety of database vendors using the Java language.

Creating a JDBC data source using BIRT

View myswl Defects in Silk Central Test manager. Now we can drag our data fields to the report. Does SilkCentral Issue Manager 4. NullPointerException” when running reports? Why are deleted files still being copied to execution servers, even though they have been removed from the data directory of the SilkCentral Test Manager server?


Featured Database Articles slideshows. Is the only supported reporting tool the one by InetSoft?

Running BIRT reports that connect to MySQL databases in SCTM

Why do I get the error “Index: Loading the schema the schema the first time will give error messages as it attemps to empty any existing tables, just ignore these.

Return requirements with no Test assigned.

How can the option “Remember login” on the Test Manager home Page be modified so that it is not enabled by default? Why do I get a java. Why do I encounter the error “Compile Error: Does SilkCentral Test Manager 8. When printing a report why does the first page only show the navigation tabs? Why do I get the error message “Last assignment to repodt cannot be removed” when trying to delete a user from a Group?

Where are attachments for manual tests downloaded to on the local machine? Files are been deleted from my UNC source control path when executing scripts. Is there anyway that the port numbers can be changed if this is required by our IS? Why is an email notification not received when a manual test has been scheduled? While updating the database with a newly modified bir document, the myql “Invalid Object Name” is generated. When I try to teport the issue profile, I get the error that it is in use.


How can I select to copy or delete more than one test definition at a time in SilkCentral TestManager? Why does SilkCentral Test Manager report that my execution server status is “Active” even though the server is not?

Creating a JDBC data source using BIRT

After deslgner to the Data Explorer view, right click the Data Source resource and choose New Data Source from the menu as shown below. Is it possible to add Custom fields to the main Issue page in Issue Manager?

We will also total on the count for the product group but will do that next. The specified account already exists.

Creating a new MySQL data set using BIRT

Cut and Paste or move up and down on the test definition containers doesn’t work. The schema is for Classic Models, a retailer of scale models of classic cars. Why do I get the error: Configuring Chart Server Connections. How do I resolve error “Replet Error Report Why do I get the error “There is no execution server service running, or the server host is not accessible”, when activating Execution Server in SilkCentral Test Manager?