Net and its accuracy. I’ve tested the following versions of Rufus from this link: Thousands of users waiting to help! However, your suggestion seems genius. Yes, for example I copied QuickBasic 4.

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Also, usv running the bootable, does it boot you into a C: You’ve got the right forum. I’m not sure if you can boot from one drive and then copy a second drive to a third drive. Yes, for example I copied QuickBasic 4.

Ultimately, I want to know can this work with all of the stuff out there for DOS? Thousands of users waiting to help! The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. There’s some info here: Google shows a lot of interest in installing dos on flash drives.

How to Create a MS-DOS bootable USB flash drive

Most external drives are going to be much larger so you end up with many logical drives or wasted space. Copy these 6.22 into the root directory of the USB drive after formatting it.

I’m not sure how you intend to use it but dos installations aren’t picky about being moved from computer to computer as are windows versions. Including the bootsector etc, so that it will be bootable? These are the things I have attempted to do: I agree with what you have said it seemed to me that if i found a program to install it in a usb why not just use it to do a Hard Drive?


I don’t see how installing 6. I humbly suggest you consider revising the UI to make it more clear that ISO selection is an either-or option in cases where it is.

Or since I don’t know what your specific needs are, if you have an application that requires 6. How big is the external drive? For example, you may have a BIOS.

Dos doesn’t recognize USB ports and therefore won’t see anything connected to them without the addition of special drivers. Oh just a small edit: The only way I would ever consider adding this feature is if the following conditions are met: Now about getting DOS 6. This helps ensure BIOS updates and other low-level dps work properly. I wouldn’t put on an older dos version Under uusb circumstances a cloned 6.222 will work exactly the same as the original–it will boot and run the software the same.

Steve N 21 1. Is it possible to use a newer version of msdos anything, ME, PE and install an earlier version aka the version I want But the best way to answer that question would be if you gave it a try and reported. From the main Rufus pageI’ve tested versions:.


bootloader – How do I create a bootable flash drive running MS-DOS ? – Super User

First, download Rufus and launch it. That to me seems the easiest solution but i also want to get away from using floppies because they are becoming obsolete. Also, I was able to get them to start “initializing drives” but then they would fail. All of these ways I have been unsuccessful in doing, however, this could be due to my inexperience with these programs and DOS.

Post as a guest Name. And I’m not sure about disk access.