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It was refitted and renamed the Proserpine. She was used as a floating water police office, prison, and later as a reformatory school. Twenty of the 'ordinary police force' stations averaged four officers each, the bigger stations like Brisbane, Ipswich, Rockhampton and Maryborough had larger staff s.

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Inthe first police residence was built so the police officer have his wife live with him. The station reopened in However, wives who did their husbands, found themselves looking after the station and taking inquiries, while her husband was away. Generally, "the smartest and most intelligent" people from among the plain clothes officers in the general police were selected and expected to learn from experience. The monument has a broken obelisk which symbolises a life cut short.

In conclusion, we sincerely wish that both yourself and your family will in future have every happiness and prosperity. It was refitted and renamed the Proserpine. At this time the township consisted of one large store owned by Mr W Paterson, two first class pubs built of brick, and a couple of " humpys ".

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They were quickly erected by two constables and could house six officers. In presenting you with the accompanying gift we are deeply sensible that it is in no sense an adequate measure of your excellent qualities and labours; nor do we wish you to regard it in sedvice light of a recompense but ask you to accept it as a mark of our regard. Mounted officers performing mounted duty, wore Bedford cord breeches and black napoleon boots.

Prior to this time, there was no standard way to indicate a police station. Twenty of the 'ordinary police force' stations averaged four officers each, the bigger stations like Brisbane, Ipswich, Rockhampton and Maryborough had larger staff s. Seven in Brisbane, two in Townsvilleand one each in Normanton and Rockhampton. If a collision resulted in a riot which the police could not quell, they brisbabe to note the ring-leaders and apprehend them.

bribane Long standing officers were often presented with gifts and highly decorated letters of thanks from their community. Hundreds of government officials were sworn in as special constables to assist police. When Sergeant Lawrence Clare was transferred in Serviicethe citizens of the Esk District expressed their thanks: [2] Highly decorated missive presented to Sergeant Lawrence Clare by the citizens of the Esk District when he was transferred in March To Together with a Purse of Forty Sovereigns From his many friends in the Esk Police District Dear Sir We, the residents of Esk and District, brisbaane to approach you with the purest sentiments of congratulation at the close of your most efficient service of Ten Years as Constable and Sergeant in charge of our large District.

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Alex Smith, Chairman Esk Shire Council [ edit ] Inspector White reported that nearly every station within a five-mile radius of the centre of Brisbane was connected by telephone. First awarded to Constable John Bourke on 29 August She was used as a floating water police office, prison, and later as a reformatory school. After the rescue of sixty survivors, police made every effort to recover and identify the bodies of the twenty-nine victims.

The media reports that "the police, and a large party of civilians are trying hard to overtake him, but it is difficult owing to the stony ridges and the light imprint left by the little one".

Those who have been associated with you will long cherish your servcie and untiring zeal in carrying out at all times your official duties with credit to yourself and the Department in which you are engaged. Often there was no station building and one had to be rented or soutb made to purchase something suitable. Despite these early setbacks camels proved useful, travelling hundreds of kilometres on duties such as collecting statistical returns.

He made seventy-one arrests single handed this year and is most highly spoken of by the respectable portion of the community".

In36 stations were operated by single police officers, of these 6 were assisted in their duties by an indigenous tracker. Communities were often loath to let xervice officer go when he was transferred away and often took up petitions and wrote letters to the Police Commissioner begging for the officer to remain in town. During the first year of operation fingerprints were taken and came from other states.

Native police camps averaged between 7 and 17 men, large camps like Rockhampton could have up to 27 men of both officers and troopers. As atit was still a single officer station bribane and was staffed by a senior constable. Her tasks could also involve feeding ecort cleaning up after prisoners in the lock-up.

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There was also a growth in the of single officer stations. By Decembertwenty years after the inauguration of the Police Force, there were stations with police officers servive indigenous troopers and trackers. Mass rallies see police s bolstered by the swearing in of 3, special constables. Senior Constable Manuell remained in charge of Eromanga until he was instructed to close this station on 31 Servceand to proceed to Thargomindah.

As atit was still a single officer station and was staffed by a senior constable.

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The Woodford mares and foals as swrvice as two purchased stallions, "Libertine" and "Mack" populated the reserve. Note the station badge attached to the peak of the right hand tent. Married officers were generally not sent to single officer stations as there was generally no accommodation for them in town.

The Brisbane general strike started as a tramway strike but gains momentum with 20, or more people withholding their labour and brings industry to a standstill. The party travelled without rations and in continuous rain for twenty days, living mainly on roots. Full control of the water police finally briebane under the jurisdiction of Police Commissioner.