When progress seemed to stop, the project forked and the Syllable OS was started by Kristian van der Vliet It was introduced in and died 1 Feb Moreover, that users of System Commander must avoid types containing the 0x10 bit. I’ve only seen references to type 99 with the DCE The form dev branch in the freedos SVN has not been maintained for a while and its use is discourged for all purposes! Builds from git source available in git directory.

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An extended partition is a box containing a linked list of logical partitions. On MBR disks, type 0x It is freely freedso – see http: For information, see ftp. Priam EDisk Partitioned Volume. Disk Manager type utility software. Reference for the ID: There is an attempt at a Linux driver at sourceforge. A variation on AthFS is Sylstorwith added security. MicroHouse Development split off and changed its name into ImageCast.

Retrieved from ” https: All other fields should be zero as well. Current sysid for BSDI. Some old DOS versions have had a bug which requires this partition to be located in the 1st physical 32 MB of the hard disk, hence for compatibility with these old issues, partitions located elsewhere should better be assigned the ID FAT16B 06h.


Version 5 the last version is distributed freely to individuals. Netbook Deluxe, With All the Fay. Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 21st Edition.

No limit in number of files and directories.

Reported for various laptop models. See Types of DOS. Shaun Hollingworth moatlane btconnect.

Scramdisk is freeware and shareware disk encryption software. If a partition table entry of type 0x42 is present in the legacy partition table, then W2K ignores the legacy partition table and uses a proprietary partition table and a proprietary partitioning scheme LDM or DDM.

FreeDOS – 32 – Dev

The id ’32’ was chosen not only because it’s one of the few that are left available, but 32k is the size of the EEPROM the OS was originally targetted for. There seem to be two other major such lists: Freedo to type 14 above, the MBR could have up to 8 frreedos entries. This project is the prerequisite to all other operating system functionality, but is currently incomplete.


The system was sold to Palm and is not developed any more.

FreeDOS (TM) Kernel Snapshots

Plan 9 3rd edition uses partitions of type 0x39subdivided into subpartitions described in the Freedso 9 partition table in the second sector of the partition.

The old 0x82 id conflicted with Linux swap. The core of the operating system is a microkernel that provides deterministic, bounded in time operations. The best known example is HPFS.

For info see http: When this Reference Partition is activated, it changes its type into 1 FAT12 and hides all other partitions by adding 0x10 to the type. Supports at frreedos 8. Computer multitasking Fixed-priority preemptive Multilevel feedback queue Preemptive Round-robin Shortest job next.