Screen shot is my office computer so ignore actual settings https: I don’t keep in touch with everyone but move in circles where the hotas is the main hotas. So I re-called Thrustmaster support since they never got back to me with my previous request. See my ad warthog for sale in controllers. I have been having real problems with my Warthog, and indeed my MFDs after a major computer update. That’s a pretty positive endorsement.

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Turn it off, and the ports reverted to USB 2. Yes I too have got this problem ended up having to purchase another stick I have done as “henry ” has done but nothing has worked. I found a web page that directed me to change my power settings.

Update Thrustmaster helpdesk problems appear to be only at weekends, they are prompt and helpful during the week. Still running under windows 7.

I had boot loader issues a few months ago when I did a bootolader upgrade so I was aware of that option and having to plug into USB2. Users browsing this forum: The extension that I posted a picture of is one I used to make and sell. I’ll try disabling xHCI and see hogas that makes a difference.

The only other thing and this is where it really starting to annoy me is where you would sit your hand on the stick the round grip bit is the lacquer or paint what ever you want to call it has came off this thing has never been abused or man handled and at the price this costs i do not expect this to happen also underneath where the lacquer has came off it feels like solid plastic but they have put a metal paint on it to cover this joystck. The way Win 8.


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The other one I know about is a hat switch that bootlpader to get hard to use and was replaced with a new unit. For some reason the Joystick does not like USB3.

The time now is Sorry I’ve no direct advice. The drivers were installed and the software from my rudder pedals. Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site’s best features, including downloading files and posting messages.

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What Finally Worked For Me. Sign up for a new account in our boptloader. The axis controls work but none of the buttons. Donate to our annual general fund.

HOTAS Warthog from Thrustmaster bootloader problem

Btw, it also caused issues with my Saitek combat flight pedals. My joystick lost its firmware during Elite Dangerous. Another option top check out is the saitek X Microsoft has acknowledged that the way Win 8.


Once I connected it I found yet another issue – the connector on the board had lifted, also the previous owner had tried to glue everything including the pin connector into place and it all came out as one piece. My joystick lost its firmware during Elite Dangerous Thread: They flicked on and off constantly, flashing lights and causing the computer to bleep jiystick, and generally have a heart attack.

Originally Posted by JulesWash. I believe it’s rather the USB3. Microsoft has a detailed set of instructions on their site to specifically allow people to use this workaround to deal with problematic USB devices. I’ve had one for the better part of 10 years and it still works flawlessly.

My joystick lost its firmware during Elite Dangerous

My used Thrustmaster Warthog finally arrived – unfortunately it doesn’t work. Did not work either; the firmware update kept failing at step 2 with error 0xc. Screen shot is my office computer so ignore actual settings. This is simply an awesome controller.