Your user name or email address: You can purchase additional weights and wrench sets through either the TaylorMade website see Resources or leading golf-equipment dealers. BStone , Mar 9, She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications. Related Questions I need information on the weight adjustments for my Taylormade R7 cc driver. References The Sand Trap. Interested to know this too.

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I only have the R with two ports but when you click on the different trajectories and click on the different weight configurations it shows you how the sweet spot can be changed. Your user name or email address: Various versions of the r7 fhe different-sized weights, but the configuration strategy remains the same. For a temperary fix whitch side do i put the heavyer weaght on.

Link for r7 Weight Diagram???

Set the club up for a higher trajectory shot by placing the heavy weights toward the back of the clubhead. For many years, golfers attached strips of lead tape to clubs to try to correct swing flaws. What year did the taylormade adjusf driver come out? Link for r7 Weight Diagram???

Share This Page Tweet. I would never have any use for an iron except to use it as a weapon to? The TaylorMade T7 driver is designed with three of these cavities and comes with two single gram weights and one 16 g weight to help remove the flaws from your swing.


How to Set the Weights for an R7 Driver | SportsRec

No, create an account now. Nutritional Information for Dubble Bubble Gum. Livestrong Sports and Fitness Sports Golf. Does anyone else have a Taylormade R7 driver? Warnings You can use a T25 torx head screwdriver to adjust the weights but obtain a TaylorMade torx wrench from an authorized dealer so you yhe not damage the weight cavities or the threads on the weights. Consistency being the number 1 golf skill.

Some TaylorMade drivers are designed with their proprietary movable weight technology, allowing you to adjust the weight placement quickly depending on the trajectory of your golf ball as it comes off the driver. Interested to know this too. I am an avid golfer and golf writer.

How do I adjust the Weights on a Taylormade r7 driver? | Yahoo Answers

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Here is their official site: She attended Tarrant County College and studied English composition. Do you already have an account?

To hit a shot that curves right, place the two heaviest weights near the toe of the club. Tips These are the most extreme options for hitting certain types of shots.


tge Set the weights according to your desired ball flight. Set one heavy weight in front on the heel side and one in back on the toe side for a lesser draw effect.

Try our healthfully BMI and weight loss calculator! Search tags for this page. Position the larger weights in weihgts ports nearest to the heel to make the ball draw, moving from right to left.

How to Configure the Weight of a TaylorMade Golf R7 Quad Driver

Place the 16 g weight to the heel weight cavity of the driver and move the two single gram weights to the center and toe cavities. He is a certified strength-and-conditioning specialist with the National Strength weighte Conditioning Association.

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