It makes a lot of squeaking noise as it prints out. Auto Select or Color Printing Mode: I have bought grease that would work at Radio Shack. If he had but one source to work from, I wonder why the shortcut failed to work. I consulted with the fellow who had repaired my printer several years ago, but who no longer does so, for guidance. Things happened fast, so I am not clear of their order. My lady friend, an artist, wanted me to make some prints of one of her paintings.

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My cousin was here that day that you first heard from me, and he and I tried several things, i. And, there’s no guaranty that your operating system, which may be messed up, will do any better with the new printer, either.

It was a little difficult to be sure on the reprint, with different lettering desmjet each line, as there was still a possible hint of variability.

There was a very long thread that ensued, you can see there for the original thread which had some good discussions. I examined the area with the moveable part a little closer and confirmed my assumption that this black plastic part was part of a micro switch which I am guessing is designed to cut the power when this rear cover is removed. Dear Bert, Well, I failed to click one more screen on HP’s website to see that the driver prinetr actually there, but rather deskjjet in the XP software.


I don’t see anything that looks broken, shredded or missing.

HP Deskjet 722c

Hook the box into the parallel port then the zip and printer will have their own connection into the box. I also clean the cartridge carrier of any accumulated ink.

Release the clip that secures the switches to free the cover from the deekjet. The “pink problem” and other incorrect color printing is generally caused by cartridge problems.

Solved: Printer Driver for HP Deskjet c – HP Support Community –

It threads through a slot in the carriage. Again, it is the surface finish of the paper that makes or breaks getting really great looking print. Looks like I need to pick-up a 10 Torx driver to completely remove the cover for a printfr look. I have unplugged printer and restarted with no effect.

Thanks Alfred – derfla. Dear Bert, Thank you for your reply.

HP Deskjet 722C Standard Inkjet Printer

Can anyone recommend one that is suitable for this end use? Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, The Deskjet c driver available through Windows Update works fine for the Deskjet c. I wiped the connections on both the cartridge and it’s holder When the printer goes haywire, it makes grinding noises and prints out of sync with what ever is being printed.


The coloring was quite harsh. You can tell the little motor that moves the belt is trying to move it, but it makes a grinding noise while trying, and then it stops, and the lights start blinking. The problem seemed to start about the time I installed a new hard drive. Moussa, Have you tried to manually set up the printer?

Drivers for HP Deskjet c Printers for Windows XP

I was a tad out of alignment, so I was glad to get this done. I thought that was in response to the not printing from Word or Excel problem?! If he had but one source to work from, I wonder why the shortcut failed to work. Trending Price New. If it is giving you trouble, like the feed problem you mentioned, try a different brand. I double cleaned the service station. Dear Bert, I have 5 of these babies – 2 defunct from extensive use, 1 working, and 2 needing a good cleaning.

Cheryle, Go to http: There’s always the possibility that it has developed an internal break, especially when we consider the age of these printers.