Sets how the product arranges the image on the page when an output accessory is installed. The product automatically comes out of Sleep mode when you send a print job, press a control-panel button, open a tray, or open the top cover. Deletes all the jobs from the product. Shows the average round-trip-time RTT , from 0 to milliseconds, for packet transmission and response. Good for letterhead, high-value memos, legal documents, direct mail, and correspondence. Duplexer duplex printing accessory.

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Follow the instructions that lrinter printed on the cleaning page. Ideal for presentations, business plans, external correspondence and other high-value documents. Configure the product according to your printing needs.

HP LaserJet P and P Series Printers – Product basics | HP® Customer Support

Use the Resolution Enhancement technology REt setting to produce print with smooth angles, curves, and edges. This test is used to check network communications. Select the number of pages at which the product should perform the cleaning process.

Prints a page that shows how to load the input trays. Use an embedded test to check hardware and communication paths on the print server. Scroll to the information page that you want, and then press OK. Select YES to always pass the sheet through the duplexer, even if it is printed on only one side.


Specify whether to initiate the ping test. An alphanumeric string, up to 32 characters, used to identify the product. The product can accommodate up to four optional sheet feeders.

If the ping test was not set for continuous operation, you can choose to print the test results.

HP LaserJet P4010 and P4510 Series Printers – Product basics

The printed page is lighter, but it is adequate for printing drafts or proofs. Produces dpi print quality for fast, high-quality printing of line art and graphic images.

The default setting is NO. You must replace the print cartridge before printing can continue. The product automatically selects the best mode for jam recovery. I don’t see my printdr system. Optional 1,sheet tray and feeder unit.

Or, view all available drivers for your product below. Each pinter is placed in a separate bin. PS error page prints when PS errors occur. The product uses this information to produce pages with best possible print quality. Shows the number of yp 0 – sent to the remote host since the most recent test was initiated or completed. You can print or delete these jobs at the product control panel. Host USB connection, for adding fonts and other third-party solutions this connection might have a removable cover.


Brighter and smoother than other office papers. In general, it is best to change these settings in the printer driver, if applicable. Select this option to override the message and continue printing after the print cartridge is depleted. Locate the sensor inside the product and manually activate it.

Sets the amount of time that a clearable warning appears on the product control-panel display. If you change it to a specific product language, the product will not switch automatically from one language to another unless specific software commands are sent to the product. Registration of the image on the paper from side to side, as the paper lies in the tray.

Prints the control-panel menu map that shows the layout and current settings for the control-panel menu items. Specify the IP address n.