See the following 2 figures. Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice. Draw a green rectangle on the image, then any movement in that area will display the playback. Maximum is 16 users per system. Tone Saturation Voice 5. You should select the best image quality and the best switch time suitable for you. Click it again to stop record.

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Nine channel playback mode. Realtime monitor and remote search connecting port Alarm listen Port: Setting in Applications 14 1 PC 14 More information.

Certain names of program products. When the cameras exceed the video-out ports, they must be switched to be displayed on monitors, e.

The key point is that one decode channel can be assigned only one time, but every TV-out port can be configured as 1-window, 2-widow, 4-window, 9-window, window and window viewing mode.

Virtual IP changes More information. So if you want to use this feature, please make sure to leave at least one channel free when running ILDVR LiveCenter program for alarm connection use. Input your description of this user.


I agree to receive offers from other idvr. It is 30004hc for creation of professional systems of video surveillance with the maximum requirements to quality and reliability of system, and also viewing and record of video data from all video cameras in real time without essential loading of the processor of the computer. Click again to disconnect. Installing Backup More information. What You Will Learn Windows will ask for input password at each time when Windows startup.

Select out-going video format to match the monitor video standard TV Select the following split mode on screen. Adjust the motion detect sensitive degree for each camera in this interface.

It triggers an alarm and sends an alarm message out. You can set up to 12 motion detect zones in one camera. It supports multi-point to multi-point network connection.

Select alarm driver type. Preset, flip, digital zoom, proportional pan and turbo are not allowed in a pattern. Sixteen channel playback mode. Remote Record Channel number, status indicator and button. You can always view all 16 cameras.


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System requirements Before you install About the Backup. The Windows registry appears. See the layout as following figures. In main interface press button will display the following interface. Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice.


Intel chipset; Genuine Intel motherboard recommended Hard drive:. Directly click the number button. Windows XP Manual Installation Installation of the drivers for your video card can be fairly easy if the following steps are followed carefully.

In the camera image area hold the left button of your mouse, pull or push the mouse, this will move the speed dome in the following manner: Click button to bring up the following interface. Add camera to selected group. Select channel number to change settings.