This utility along with other crap can be downloaded here: To find out if the module is correctly inserted, type the command: Write cache is used when we have a lot of data to write and it is faster to write data sequentially to disk instead of writing small chunks. Locate the disk directory created by uncompressing the installer, and move to this directory by typing:. No one wants that. The ‘sg’ module must be loaded for it to work, the cli program segfaults without it. The files are located on the Tools and Drivers CD provided with your system, if available, or from the Tools and Drivers CD image, downloadable from your product web site.

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You can write your own script around megasasctl to check your adapter status health periodically.

Note – You can create a partition that is smaller than the maximum size of the device or create multiple partitions on the device. This module is required for a Linux system to be administered by Meagraid.

I made some wrappers around binaries from megactl package to create the node if it doesn’t exist yet. The packages comes with a python wrapper around megasasctl and an initscript that periodic run this wrapper to check status. Hosting sponsored by megarair A complete documentation is attached as PDF here: However, I already did this for you.



Refer to the documentation included with the file system of your choice for complete instructions. Select the type of install that best suits your needs. When you created a partition lsj that RAID, a device name was created to address just that partition.

There is currently no known opensource tool for theses cards. I noticed that strange behavior on an IBM controller.

Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

Some linux tools are available on linhx CD included with the controller. A daemon detecting status changes and reporting to syslog as SNMP traps is packaged as cpqarrayd.

If not, it won’t be used to avoid filling cache with randon useless data in case of randomly accessed sector. If the RAID is sda, and you followed the above directions, the partition device would be sda1. Attached scsi disk megwraid at scsi0, channel 0, id 2 lun 0.

I had some problems with Adaptec SA. Powered by Trac 1.

Smartmontools with MegaRAID Controller – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

We can see configurations in megacli like Virtual Drive with RAID 0 over one physical drive, we have this settings because physical drives attached to raid controller, and for representing the device to the system we must set it in megacli.

If you see output similar to this, then mptctl is inserted. We can see that Physical Disk: MSM works with the appropriate operating system OS libraries and drivers to configure, monitor, and maintain storage configurations attached to x64 servers. As we look for simple output that shows the virtual drives structure, its hard to get that with megacli. There is a GUI tool 3dm2 accessible via browser used for management and monitoring daemon that configures the RAID, monitors the disk status and sends mail on failure.


Download in other formats: System errors and events are recorded in an event log file and are displayed on the screen. All theses card can be used with stock Linux kernel which includes a working driver. The script can be called with –nagios parameter. Here is what to do:.

The Sun Fire Installation Package dialog box appears. Hardware using this driver: Press enter to choose the default and start the partition at the beginning of the mevaraid. Run the installation application in this directory. If such information is easily available, monitoring tools can be written to detect and report failures.