Open Arduino IDE software. No need to connect a programmer, just set a jumper and the programmer is built into the target! There is no ISP header on standalone Arduino. What else could you ask for? Figures below will tell you what all the holes in the cable head are:

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Robert Norris verified owner — March 30, Great little device, and the price is right! More posts by mingyou. At present, it can support more than chips and the types will gradually increase in the future upgrade. That is to say, for the similar chip, the larger capacity the chip has, the more time the programming spends.

Robert Norris verified owner — March 30, This is the first development programmer that can test common logic IC.

Now you can get the main board from here, Programmable chip can be provided with enough programming power the largest programming power output is 2 watts that is impossible for a chip to use 2 watts of programming power. Leave a comment Cancel reply. Figures below will tell you what all the holes in the cable head are: Refer to table below for the connection: This is another USB boot loader.


If you are using older version of Arduino IDE, you may receive some error. Download the latest version from Arduino website.

AVRdude is available for many platforms. Getting Started with Arduino Leonardo Good! The latest Window Svr are fully signed, so you can use them on Windows Vista and above without any issues.

USBasp AVR Programmer, Program Atmel AVR microcontrollers

To upload sketches into ATmega, some modification of configuration is needed: More chips will be supported in the process of the future upgrade. It is one of the most comprehensive programmer of supporting PIC chips. If it is not, please check the connection between cable head and ISP header.

It can be used to program devices such as CPLDs. The programming time is proportional to the capacity. Remember Me Lost your password? Included with the programmer is a 10 pin ISP cable, as shown in the main photo. If the Atmel AVR chips are not pre-loaded with bootloader firmware, ISP method can be used to load the program into the chips; bootloader method will not work.


The programmer will also work with a variety of software including AVRdude — Version 5. His communication was above board at all times. At the same time, the programmed chip can be efficiently protected. The plastic nub of the rainbow cable head and the arrow label should be on the same side.

USBasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

The target has an Infrared receiver and the data is sent via IR. It is the most versatile pin among 40PIN quasi-universal pins. Load Program into Standalone Arduino In this session, the hardware required are: So, they only need to program Arduino Uno. Abr this session, the hardware required are: