The spare earpieces were in a small plastic bag. Seeing as I tend to be a bit rough or forgetful with my earbuds, I decided to give these a shot. Sub-bass lacks texture and fails to portray individual notes well compared to higher-end sets, especially at lower volume levels. Went ahead and dropped 6x the money for a proper IEM I played my lossless rip of my CD of “Christopher Gibbons: Taharqa , May 21,

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Monoprice 8320 IEM

The earphone wires are solid, the design is different, but not in a bad way. Like for example saying that the left and right drivers in Monoprice are 88320

There’s a surprising amount of clarity, though instrument separation isn’t the best. The good reviews are ten to one against the bad ones.

Went ahead and dropped 6x the money for a proper IEM I would say the Lows are louder than the headphone.

Also, you don’t have the right to offend other people who like the Monoprice and initiate the hype about it, saying that they are used to promoting low end products because that’s another false thing that you state as if it’s true.

Not bad for a cheap set Written by Mike46 Published Feb 25, After reading all the reviews, I thought I would give them a try. These are not sport ear plugs, they just fit into your ear like normal plugs, but have a bigger driver so they have better bass. Packaging seemed a bit flimsy when opening the opening flap was not taped down as these types of boxes usually are and tore it a littlebut the actual buds were not damaged.


None at this price. These Monoprice IEMs have severe defects which are especially obvious when listening to unamplified voices or unamplified instruments.

I’ve bought quite a few of these over the years and have been very impressed with the quality of the sound monopric just how comfortable they are.

The driver is very large for this type of ‘phone, so the housing is correspondingly large and the tube which holds the eartip is quite long and unusually angled.

Monoprice / MEP Review | The Headphone List

It is possible to tame the huge spike at Hz and to introduce a little warmth at the bottom end but eq only corrects frequency response, it can’t help with ringing, distortion, imbalance and other issues and these still sound like ess aich eye tee even with a seemingly quite balanced tone.

The Monoprices’ strength seem to be in digging up enough detail and melodic mids to sound good but without being able to resolve the flaws. Still quality mids for the price. Third purchase from Monoprice.

Simply the best earphones Monoprice has ever offered.

Great value is what I expect from Monoprice and that is exactly what I got. I need to feel monoorice bass, not this squeaky crap that hurts my ears.

Monoprice IEM | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Read all 33 reviews Monorice a good sign! I did not get a tracking number, as I chose the “small packet delivered via Canada Post”. Click here to see engineerd3d’s full review The silicone tips sit right on the end.


I use my ear buds at night for sleeping white noise, AMSR but also for exercise and while at work.

I used the Monoprices with good quality sources: Considering the price these ‘phones are the greatest value in audio I have ever found.

I’d read an insane amount on amount on them but still bought them and they’d always sounded terrible to me, the other night my RHA T10i’s failed on me again not a well made headphone despite the looks and I was left with either my ‘s which I couldn’t find, earpods or the monoprices, so I grabbed the monoprices after already having them written them off as being terrible, despite trying 5 or 6 different tip combinations and The bass is outstanding, my overall quality is lacking and loudness is definitely missing something.

I broke these headphones in for 24 hours with Pink Noise and the sound did actually get better. Cons – For the price none reallly. Cons – You need to burn in these headphones, otherwise they sound flat. I bought these about 3 or 4 years ago and bought a newer one more recently.