Want to work on a project together? I presented on this yesterday like how IoT is going to change the business etc. This works by carefully grinding the glass in a way that varies its curvature so that it directs light only at one point behind the glass. It already runs on Android I doubt it even beats the RX What does an electrical engineer do when he wants a problem solved?

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Advanced algorithms do the rest of the work, stitching the image together, while deciding what to keep and what to dump. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets. So do you think this Light Phone would be able to take comparable pictures to a similarly priced real camera?

Motroola actually believe this headline. Phome the meantime, Light is also working on a slimmed-down version for those who want even more mobility.

These photos “overlap” several times, so to speak.

The Crazy Things You’ll Hear from Light, Makers of the L16 | Fstoppers

There are all kinds of ridiculous combinations of data that you can use these sensors for Have an idea for a review for Fstoppers? He can be found at the best local coffee shops, at home scanning film in for hours, or out and about shooting his next assignment.

According to the Washington Postthe company already has a working prototype with anything between five and nine lenses that function together to deliver DSLR-like performance in low-light conditions and capturing whopping 64MP images. Reportedly, the first handsets powered by Light should hit the market sometime next year. Here are the facts. Thanks to Foxconn’s big investment in the small firm, the tech is going in a smartphone with nine cameras.


Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased – Latest News | Gadgets Now

Adam Ottke Ariel Martini – October 29, Computational photography is a lot more than just stitching photos together. Sharing early images from a product like this with the media is a risk for any motorol. One of the investors in Light is contract manufacturer Foxconn. Remember Light’s ludicrous L16 camera with 16 lenses on the back?

At the moment, full tech specs are missing, but we know that the L16 motoroa Wi-Fi and a dual LED flash, and is about the size of a Google Nexus 6 though it’s twice as thick. Ariel Martini – October 29, [Edited] so its just several photos from phone sensor stitched together, they will always have the same problems of phone sensor photos: I am pretty many pro or semi pro photographer would buy it.

Tim Foster Bob Best – October 27, [Edited] Probably, but if you’re “redefining the concept” or whatever, it might be time to move away from expressing focal length by its field of view equivalent.

Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. DSLR is a different league tho.

As I saw it, the L16 still needed to be hooked up to a computer to even take a picture. But we do know that, if things somehow go wrong, Light wouldn’t be the first, and neither the last young company to promise big things and fall short of delivering them.


The exec also mentioned that DSLRs and expensive lenses will “just not going to exist tomorrow. Unfortunately, the images aren’t high-res, so we can’t properly judge them. I wonder what their profit margin is per unit.

He solves it himself. Want to talk about gear? Each 70mm lens uses its own mirror to direct its field of view to a different quadrant of a 35mm frame, with the fifth 70mm lens shooting the center of the frame to ensure sharp detail everywhere.

And each time, algorithms can use that data in different ways to drastically increase the quality relative to what you would normally get with a smaller sensor The 70mm and mm lenses are actually laid into the camera horizontally and use a mirror to direct light approximately 90 degrees from an axis perpendicular to the front of the camera to the sideways-mounted sensors.

Light, the company with a 16 lens camera, has working smartphone prototypes with 5 to 9 lenses

Hands-On with Lightroom 6: Complex algorithms of pureview technology made the photo taking experience very slow. You’re right, I misspoke my second half of my statement.

Still, the million dollar question is whether consumers will pay so much for a phone with as many as nine lenses when there are a number of phones that take great pictures now for much less than what a Light smartphone will probably cost.