A wide range of cell phone adapters come with the unit. One Tip, after you flashed the phone with the right flex, it wont turn on, so after taking the battery out and disconnecting the usb cable, change usb port for the cable in your computer and try it again with and without battery. The changer provides the convenience of a 1-din CD player with the capacity to hold six discs, yet it does not require a cartridge. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. So i have repaired the pds several times. Normally people in China don’t need to do this, as China mobile dominates the market, and they never lock their phones.

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Post a Comment or Discuss in forum. I rarely use the phone in the car anyway unless I’m on a long trip, no traffic and cruise is set.

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A cassette player is also available as an accessory. Vendors Accessories Dealers and Shops. The answer to the mltorola question may be found under the Off Topic section of the forums and in the “Drive Accord Forums” category.


I will be posting something about it Things you can try: Joseph, you fixed it? For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. This comment has been removed by the author. If I flash the phone then take out the battery, place it back in, I get a message in the right bottom corner saying: I did jus wat you told me, when i connected the phone to my other usb RSd was able to detect it, then i used PK2 tool to flash it,wat i was wonderin now is that, let say i want the original t-mobile monsterpack will that lock it to t-mobile?

Mayank, 56R is a moto stock firmware version. Yuet i must say this looks really cool but i have a prob. I have updated the post. Consumer informationis available at http: RSD my bad, sorry for the double post.

It wont go into BL mode. Oh, and i saw you’re updating a MP with the iphone skin.

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Hi Yuet, i am in great danger. What do you think?. I hate all these errors. Well i think i messed up my phone, coz mitorola it wont go to bootloader and wen i plug the usb i can hear the hardware plug in but RSD doesnt show me anything 9: After that i have used the 10 steps but after flashing still i get crittical error 84 and the phone starts up in flash mode.


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Please send me an email if you want the info about IMEI unlocking. I can see u have almost done it, so you shouldn’t give up. My model is vm from Canada. I don’t know what to do!

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Sarah’s Angel, you are very helpful. If a signal was detected it would mute the radio and play the call thru the car’s speakers. Ok, so I just got an activated my new cellphone I added the italics. How long does the unlock v630m take when using p2k easy tools 3. Jay, I think all the methods here are not for 0A.

RSD Lite Before you start: And this is also impossible to downgrade from